The “west” ideology part 5: network of supporters

14 Sep

Network of supporters

In this new form, this ideology will be supported by networks and relays that all find their interest in the establishment of « the west » as a cultural hegemony.

First neoconservatives that now found a new way to make sure that all the benefit they enjoyed during the cold war will not die with it. Because neoconservatives had to assume Reagan’s heritage and this is impossible in a non-cold war environment, neoconservatives had to elaborate and support the idea of « the west » as a civilization needing to win a war over the other dark civilization (war on terror for instance).

It will be supported by all extreme rights in Europe and in the US. The idea of the west is a very convenient way to keep the old racist and nationalist ideology without the need to redefine them after they have been proven utterly wrong to humanity during WWI and WWII. In using the cultural hegemony of “the west”, extreme right can advance identity politics into mainstream politics: if a normal right leader or center right newspaper says “we – as west” or “western”, extreme right circles can advance behind by saying out loud what everyone already knows: we are white, we are Christians, we are superior.

It will be supported by religion as a way to establish the belief of its cultural roots to civilization. Here again, religions found a convenient way to avoid the redefinitions and renewal or any thinking of its wrongdoings : how it allied with fascism, how it played little or no role or negative one in the independence of the colonies. Now Christianity is said to have saved the world from communism (a claim widely spread when pope Jean Paul II died) and Christianity finds convenient to be associated to « cultural roots » of the west. Religious radicals can now find their natural alliance with extreme right groups. Of course, “against the west” also accounts for 90% of radical Islam ideology.

Islamism also finds very convenient to be defined as the cultural hegemony prevailing in « muslim » countries. Algeria is a muslim country, Egypt is a muslim country, Iran is a muslim country, Morocco is a muslim country, Iraq is a muslim country etc. All these countries have huge history, intellectual and cultural production outside or intricate with Islam but to be reduced to « muslim contry » and their inhabitants to « muslim people » is extremely convenient for islamism ideology. They too can avoid a painful political redefinition and are being granted the hegemonic status by the west. As long as they are “against the west” they can rule over all muslim world.

It will be supported by capitalism and anyone thinking that free market is the best thing for humanity. Free market can impose its rule over the world but with respect to the « cultural differences » in civilisations. By selling prejudices the capitalism can impose its rule. As Thomas Friedman puts it with his genius all knowing mind, capitalism will act as a giant pizza dough :

“What is pizza? It is just a flat piece of dough on which every culture puts its own distinctive foods and flavors. So Japan has sushi pizza and Bangkok has Thai pizza and Lebanon has mezze pizza. The flat-world plateform is just like that pizza dough. It allows different culture to season and flavor it as they like.”

With its association with capitalism, “the west” shared its great respect for local cultural clichés:

China is not a bloody dictatorship ruling a billion of enslaved workers for capitalist industries all over the world : it is a lead by very clever communist elite that understood communism was wrong and transformed the country into a capitalist model enjoying the Confucianist tradition of hard working and obedient people. As long as capitalism respects “local cultures” it is sure to be the best model.

It goes to a point some can even praise the “non-western” capitalist model. For Stephen Halper, Chinese association of capitalism and dictatorship provides successful achievements that could overthrow “the west” hindered by its democratic culture. The Chinese model for Halper can become an efficient development model for other culture non suited for democracy: the Beijing consensus to win over the Washington consensus.

It will be supported, embodied and applied by Arab dictators who desperately need “the non-west” set of cultural clichés. If the west is democracy, the arab is dictatorship and they can legitimate themselves with that argument alone. In turn that argument is supported by all aforementioned groups. They will thus support the dictators as they are the living incarnation of the cliché they need.

It will be supported by a great part of “red-brown” extreme right thoughts that had found their way into extreme left circles: antisemitic infiltrated in pro-palestinan movements and conspirationnists mostly.

It will be supported by an influential network of private and public intelligence agencies. After 9/11, the Bush administration showered intelligence networks with gold so they can face the enemy (the non-western muslim terrorist). Great part of the budget of these agencies now depend on their ability to provide policy makers with non-western muslim terrorists (suspects, reports, investigation, analysis etc.) Ideological stance of policy makers focuses intelligence requirements on muslim terrorist and allow credits to it. In turn, these agencies and think tanks can provide poliy makers with overwhelming amount of ideologised material. The incredible credits neoconservatives devoted to the war on (muslim) terror created an intelligence monster that feeds on and defecates muslim terror.

Eventually it will be supported by any critics of “the west” who needs the existence of “the west” in order to critic its achievements and wrongdoings. “The west is imperialism” for instance will be hijacked by anyone interested in claiming “imperialism is the west”. Same for “the west is interventionist” for anyone who needs “foreign intervention is the west”. Chinese and Russian leaders are the vanguard of that trend. “the west” is for them a convenient tool to hide their own promotion of imperialism and intervention in foreign countries. “The west, is an ideology essential for dictators survival.

Part 6: the noble dictator


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